ZX Spectrum 4 Android

5 years in the making, Finally its ready

We've written then re-written, and then re-written it again, This emulator is modeled on our trusted and hugely succesful core from our Windows emulator but re-written to suit the Android platform at the native level in C/C++ so theres no JAVA here...! However this did mean every pixel you see had to be painstakingly drawn!!! From the font, text, menus, graphics, ZX Spectrum display...Everything.

The project soon grew big and took a lot of hours in development. We are contining to improve and adding additional functionality with new updates.

So what are you waiting for ? Remember you will need an external keyboard theres no on screen controls (it doesn't suit the ZX Spectrum!) Any Android keyboard compatible with your device will do USB, Wireless, Bluetooth... (just make sure it has a CTRL or ALT key)

Install on Android

Go to

Menu > Settings > Security

and check Unknown Sources to allow manual install of .apk files. On the device open your browser and click the emulator .apk to download it, Once finihed, using a file browser install the emaultor .apk

Loading Games

The emulator has comes with example games to get you started, Just Navigate to


and choose a game. Alternatively you can browse your device to load your own tape files. Registered users can go to


and instantly choose from over +3000 tapes (juat a click away)


Please register your emulator inorder to support the project.

Our trusted merchent is Paypal


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ZX Spectrum 48k
Load Game
Screen Capture
Online Tape Library  
Save Game  
Fast Load Mode  
Turbo Mode  
Game Cheats Poke  
Real Time Debugger  
Multi-Load Tape Deck  
Full control in the Menu System  
AY-3-8912 Sound  
ZX Spectrum 128  
ZX Spectrum +2  
ZX Spectrum +3  
Amstrad Disc Drive  
ZX Printer  
New Functionality Updates