Android 4.4 or higher

Physical Keyboard (with CTRL or ALT key)

Faster the device the better !


Inorder to install the emulator you first need to check your Android's security settings, Usually you will find this setting under

Menu > Settings > Security

and check Unknown Sources

As there are so many Android devices in various states your setting may differ in location, If you can't find the setting try a google serch for "Installing .apk" along with your device, this will usually point you in the right direction. With this option enabled you'll be able to install Apps from other sources other than the Google Play Store

Now download the ZXSpectrum4.apk on to your device and Install it.

Before you run the emulator make sure you have a working physical keyboard, Any Android comptible keyboard will do (Wired, Wireless, USB, Bluetooth, cheap!) as long as it has a CTRL or ALT key as this will be your Spectrums "Symbol Shift"

When you run the emulator you will arrive at the Menu screen from here you can load one of the example games or browse your device for your own tape files.

To unlock all the functionality please register and show your support.


When you register you will receive full functionality and updates this in turn helps support the projects development.

You can also search through the library of over 3000 tapes which you can download and play with a single click!


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