Registering your ZX Spectrum emulator

Why Register ? ( please help )

For a small donation you can register your copy of the emulator this will enable all the functionallity and settings of the emulator plus subsiquent version upgrades!

Its the fraction of the cost of a real ZX Spectrum, Plus youll have greater functionality without the hassle of setting one up when you want to use it.

We don't make a profit, far far from it !!!
All donations will continue to help towards purchasing hardware and software for preservation and emulation, so please help.

Alternitavely If you can donate spectrum software then please contact us
Note: Anyone donating hardware or software will also receive a registered version of the emulator.

Registered and Evaluation Comparision

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Virtual Keyboard tick tick  
Load Game tick tick  
Online Tape Library tick    
Save Game tick    
Fast Load Mode tick    
Turbo Mode tick    
Game Cheats ( Poke ) tick    
SoundLab - Remastering Studio tick    
Machine Code Assembler tick    
Real Time Debugger tick    
Multi-Load Games ( Tape Deck ) tick    
Joystick / Pad Support ( Sinclair, Kempson ) tick    
Full control in the Menu System tick    
AY-3-8912 Sound tick    
ZX Spectrum 128 (model) tick    
ZX Spectrum +2 (model) tick    
ZX Spectrum +3 (model Inc. Disc Drive) tick    
ZX Printer tick    
New Functionality Updates tick    

10 (GBP)

Register Now! ... Secure online with paypal.


Virtual Keyboard

This is used to help in the navigation of the ZX Spectrum token words layout, Each key on the spectrum had several differnt fucntions depending in which combination they were pressed, using the layout map you can easly find the key combination you require and even press it on the virtual keys.

Load Game

Load virtual tapes and memory snapshot files, Simply via drag and drop. Supported file types, .tzx, wav, sna or z80 at original speeds.

Save Game

Save entire memory / snapshot game at any point to continue from later. Requires registered version.

Online Tape Library

Intergrated access to our online tape library, Over 3000 tapes for instant play! More info here
Requires registered version.

Fast Loading

Fast Loading enables the tape deck and Spectrum to run as fast as your system will allow dramatically speeding up loading times.

Example performance: Jet Set Willy II
Original loading: 4m:46s - Fast Load: 9s ! ( Win7, AMD 2.9Ghz )
Requires registered version.

Turbo Mode

This allows for the speed of your computer to run the emulator as fast as it can, This is great for speeding up animations, loading, pauses in games, Intros or processing. Requires registered version.

Game Cheats ( Poke )

Pokes enable you to add cheats or memory pokes for your favourite games such as adding infinate lives, from magaziines or forums, there are plenty of pokes on the net for most of the known Spectrum games, and the-tipshop is a great source with thousands of spectrum game cheats. Requires registered version.

SoundLab - Remastering Studio SL ZX4 RS-1

The Soundlab "SL ZX4 RS-1" provides a set of tools to visualise and repair/restore/rebuild your captured cassette tape images. Powerful capabilities to fix and load old / damaged tapes, Ones which a real spectrum would be would be unable to load!

Machine Code Assembler (beta)

Want to write your own machine code or copy someones from a magazine or the internet, maybe finish that program you started in the 80s, The Assembler is a great way of learning about the workings of the Spectrum and the Z80, Theres a weath of free Z80 and ZX Spectrum programming articles and documents on the internet to help you get started, or for the advanced coder to learn more. Requires registered version.

Real Time Debugger

The debugger is powerful window of information - it enables the emulation to halt the spectrum at any point where you are able to view or edit the memory, registers and flags etc.. You can also set breakpoints in memory to trigger when that code is about to be executed. Requires registered version.

Multi-Load Games ( Tape Deck )

The digital tape deck gives you the ability to view and select which part of a virtual tape you would like to start playing, Like skip or fast forward on a traditional tape only its instant like selecting a track on a CD. This is greatly needed for multi-part games where the levels are additionally loaded from tape where you would have had to rewind or fast forard the tape to some unknown position to find the required place. Requires registered version.

Joystick / Pad Support ( Sinclair, Kempson )

Currently the 2 most popular Joystick interfaces are emulated, Sinclair Interface II both ports 1 & 2 and the Kempston interface. Using a windows recgonised joystick or Joypad this virtually connected to the interface of choice.
Requires registered version.

Full control in the Menu System

Menu and settings system allow for access to the additional functions, inc. Reset, Quick Load / Save, Mute, Turbo, Fast Loading, Assembler etc.. Requires registered version.

Current Version Functionality Updates

With additional functionallity still watinting to be added to the public release (inc 128k) and existing bug fixes, Registered users receive free version updates. Requires registered version.


we need your help!

ZX Spectrum Cassette Database

In order to maximise the database we need to find as many cassettes as possible, from unknown ones to ones known but we are unable to locate.

If you can help us with any old cassettes you may have in the loft you no longer want or know someone that has then please contact us and give them to a good home, If we can't get there in person we can get them collected by courier - please don't throw them!

Don't worry if you have no old cassettes please register your copy of the emulator by doing so helps us obtain further hardware and software for the project, and plus gives you full functionality of the emulator.

Help by donating or registering


A big "THANK YOU!" to everyone the has donated, time, money, knowledge, tapes and hardware we are truly grateful - ZXSpectrum4.net Team.


ZX Spectrum Emulator for Microsoft Windows, developed under Microsoft .net framework.

It emulates all known ZX Spectrum behaviours, timing and models 16k, 48k, 128k, +2, +3 (including 3 inch floppy disk drive and tape deck emulation), Sound, Border, Basic, Snapshot saving and more... supported file formats include .wav .tzx .sna .z80 .tap .dsk


We've now included a couple of games in different formats to help those non technical get started, for more help please visit the help section


Microsoft Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP
( XP requires microsoft .net framework )

NO install required, and NO registry garbage.

Download the latest ZXSpectrum4.zip for free.
Latest Version 1.0.8305 Build: 21215 (5489)

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