SpecBAS on Mac OS X - working

SpecBAS on Mac OS X - working

Postby fackie » Fri Jan 13, 2017 12:23 pm

Hello all,

I think it's about time I'd introduce myself in the forum.

My name is Miguel, and I have been working with Dunny for the last few weeks on finishing off the porting of SpecBAS to Mac OS X. Well to be honest, I have been working on it, as he's busy with other stuff. Paul has been the long-distance soul helping me make sense of it all! ;)

During the course of that, we have also ported it (only the Mac version at this stage) to SDL2 - as SDL 1.2 is long gone...

And finally, it is now also running in all its 64-bit glory, although compiling it in 64-bit isn't for the faint of heart, I must warn you.

We will be releasing the source code update for it when it's all clean and ironed out. Right now there's a lot of prototyping code in it to assist with the SDL2 migration, and it would just be quite confusing for most to handle it.

I do, however, need a couple of experienced SpecBAS users who also have a Mac and are willing to abuse it. Looking to sort of beta test it for us so that we can finish it off and release.

If interested, please PM me in here and we'll get you to look at it very soon.


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