Build 276 now available!

Build 276 now available!

Postby ZXDunny » Sat Nov 13, 2010 3:07 pm

This new update from the usual place (with linux version hosted by Piez to come later) adds just one new feature - loading and saving plain text basic files. This should make working with specbas much easier. I've not sorted error reporting properly yet (it will bail with an error on bad files, but won't tell you why).

Use the new system thusly:

SAVE filename$ ASCII LINE n

ie, just insert the command "ASCII" after the filename, and the file will be saved in plain text. Use LOAD as usual, SpecBAS will detect the ASCII format and load it accordingly.

For anyone that wants to create their own files, you MUST put "ZXASCII" as the first line, and the second line must read "AUTO 10" (for example, it can be any line number) for autostarts. You can use windows or linux linebreaks.


10 PRINT "SCUNTHORPE"(2 TO 5);" ";: GOTO 10
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