SpecBAS Linux

SpecBAS Linux

Postby polomint » Wed Oct 20, 2010 9:06 am

Right, I have a version of SpecBAS-Linux starting up automatically on booting into an UbuntuLite installation. It's still a large system (about 1GB on disk), but that will be paired down as I figure out which packages I can dump.

SpecBAS.pas : Has been altered to load/save window dimensions and whether it is full screen or not, and it displays filename in titlebar if SpecBAS is in windowed mode.

A new command "OS" which will indicate that the user wishes to quit back to the UbuntuLite desktop (then they can use the net etc.
ie. I can trap that command with the code below in the SpecBAS.pas file (Event.type) :)
Code: Select all
             this will drop back to linux desktop

The "QUIT" command will be used to shutdown the UbuntuLite system (well, thats what I'm gonna tell it to do, heh).

Also, could you possibly create a way so that I can disable SCREEN WINDOW commands, as there isn't really a point having SpecBAS in a window when booting directly into SpecBAS. SCREEN FULL should work as intended though, in case the user wishes to alter the full-screen resolution.

EDIT: Another command please "FUSE", so that the user can run Fuse from inside SpecBAS. I can trap that if you add it and then shell out to Fuse, then once Fuse has been closed it will return straight back into SpecBAS, :)
eg. again...

Code: Select all
            // this will execute FUSE

Thanks,, :D
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