Installing SpecBAS

Installing SpecBAS

Postby ZXDunny » Mon Oct 15, 2018 9:54 pm

This is a brief guide to installing SpecBAS from the zip here: ... WhUZ1Rxc0k

SpecBAS needs two folders - one for the interpreter to live, one for your data files to live.

By default, in Windows 7 and up, it's in c:\users\<username>\specbas. You can go ahead and create that folder if you desire, but SpecBAS will create it for you on first run.

You can create a folder for SpecBAS's interpreter anywhere you like, say, c:\program files\SpecBAS - and copy the following files in there:

What's New.txt

To launch SpecBAS, just double click either of the exe files. SpecBAS.exe is 32bit, SpecBAS_x64.exe is 64bit. The 64bit build is faster, and contains 64bit optimisations.

You may notice that the font is small on current monitors. Worry not - unpack the file into your c:\users\<username>\specbas folder. It contains more folders, and the important one is "s" where the file "startup-sequence" lives. This is a BASIC program that is executed when SpecBAS starts up, or a NEW command is issued. If you inspect this file in notepad, you will see the DATA statement at line 60 contains the words "edfontscalex" and "edfontscaley" - the numbers after those are the scaling factor for the font. If you like a small font, use 1 for each. If you want double size, set them both to 2.

And you'll probably want demos.

Unpack the file into your c:\users\<username>\specbas folder - this will create a folder in there called "demos". When SpecBAS starts, use LOAD "" to bring up a file requester and navigate in there to load one of the hundreds of demos in there.

Note that SpecBAS can only "see" your c:\users\<username>\specbas folder. It cannot make use of any other location on your hard drive - this is intentional and not subject to change.

Have fun!
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